Hey, we’re Camille & Haley Harris, singers, songwriter, sisters and writers of the viraling song “Keep America Great” for President Trump! A live version of our song recored outside of the BOK Center in Tulsa, OKlahoma hit twitter and shot up to 29 millions views within a week. Now between that video, other live versions of our song, remakes, parodies, Tiktoks, instagram reposts, facebook reposts, song reactions, news coverage, and our official music video, the song has reached multiple millions of views around the world since June 11th, 2020. Crazy!

With that kind of exposure many friends, fans and wondering parties have asked why we support President Trump enough to put our names, reputations, and music career potentially on the line to endorse him so fully. Some pose the argument that a Christian should not vote for him and we ardently disagree.

After years of watching his strength and leadership, his ability to negotiate with world leaders, after doing hours upon hours of researching the achievements, values, work and plans of him and his administration, and after seeing the Christian conservatives he surrounds himself with and endorses, after seeing his defense and support of the church and religious freedom, we believe every Christian and conservative in America can unregrettably give him their vote of approval and public support now and on November 3rd.

Standing against Trump in this election, or choosing to not vote for anyone, over an opinion gained by the media’s demonization of him or because of offense gained over his bold responses to corruption and anarchy, is a vote against American freedom at this point. There is no other option for a Pro-Life, Christian conservative who loves America and opposes the socialist and communist agenda for our country in this election. This is bigger than re-electing President Trump for us. This is about standing against corruption, saving a country that is being targeted for takeover, and speaking up while we still have the freedom to do so.

We are proud to stand with President Trump for many reasons, and we learn more all the time as he and his cabinet continue on their quest for America’s improvement and longevity, but here are 25 notable reasons to begin with:

(note: these are not listed in order of importance.)

  1. Works hard for every demographic of our country to experience The American Dream. He stands with our constitution, has the vision for our democratic republic to continue, and he opposes socialism, communism and anarchy and calls out blatant corruption that many Presidents have ignored.
  2. School Choice – Working to give families at every income level a choice of the best education for their children, including vouchers to private, charter, Christian schools and homeschool. Public education in many areas is failing. This would create competition between schools to up their level of excellence to attract students instead of students being chained to a school based on their home’s school district.
  3. Pro-Life – Effectively defunded planned parenthood with new regulations on access to the 289 million dollar Title X fund. First sitting President to attend March for Life in 2020 & to address M4L by video in 2018.
  4. Hospital Price Transparency – Making hospitals list their generic procedure prices so there can be competition between hospitals to drive down exorbitant prices. It’s hard to believe keeping prices private until you receive the bill has ever been a thing!
  5. “Skills First” execute order – Cutting the college degree requirement from many of the 2.1 Million federal government jobs, basing hiring on competence, skills and knowledge instead. Apple, BMI & Google are examples of companies also going this direction
  6. Cutting regulations for businesses – For every regulation added, 2 must be taken away. A building that may have taken 10 years to get approved can now be approved in 2 years.
  7. Cut taxes for every income – Doubling the standard tax deduction, doubled the child tax credit.
  8. More Jobs – Gave 500 large companies tax breaks to expand to provide more American jobs. Got many big companies to move their factories back to America providing thousands of jobs. Also we had the lowest unemployment for every race pre-covid.
  9. Better healthcare for veterans so they can choose their own doctors. Also firing people in the VA that have made the veterans health system so complained about for yea
  10. Renegotiated horrible trade deals that other presidents should have handled, like NAFTA
  11. America-First – President Trump is the President of America, not of the whole world, and he is responsible to work for the best for Americans first and to keep us competitive on the world scene.
  12. NATO – Got other countries who weren’t paying for our military protection through NATO to start paying their fair share. No one else was bold enough to ask them to pay on their delinquent balances and to pay their fair share going forward.
  13. Has a committee going after sex-trafficking in the U.S. and around the world.
  14. DRUGS: Working against the drug cartel and has leaders going after the drug problem in America. They found 3 millions pounds of illegal drugs and thousands of pounds of expired pharmaceuticals planned to be sold.
  15. Exposing corruption in our FBI.
  16. Opportunity Zones – stimulates economic development and job creation by incentivizing long-term investments in low-income neighborhoods. Grant programs for employers like Goodwil to train people in job skills so they can have a chance in the workforce even if they didn’t go to college or trade school.
  17. Effectively ended ISIS.
  18. Stands for religious freedom and the right to assemble. Made church essential and told the IRS to stop targeting churches.
  19. Pro-2nd Amendment – so criminals are not the only ones with guns.
  20. Going after unfair online censorship from big tech companies like facebook, instagram and twitter who have been targeting conservatives like: The largest Pro-Life organization “Live Action”, worship leader Sean Feucht, “Blexit” movement leader Candace Owens…
  21. Opening the keystone pipeline for oil from Canada to the U.S. – creating 20,000-40,000 jobs and many advantages to America.
  22. Working on a better immigration system based on merit rather than the visa lottery system etc.
  23. Strengthening our military.
  24. Police reform. Increase the capacity of social workers working directly with law enforcement agencies for people with mental health issues, homelessness, and addiction.
  25. Criminal Justice Reform.

I have many hours of research into the policies of our great President. I encourage you to search deeper into these topics for your own understanding of the benefits they bring to every American. – Camille

Do not be bullied into silence. The Silent Majority is truly rising up and we are thankful to be a part of the conglomerate effort of passionate patriots who are working to save American freedom.

Thank you!

Camille & Haley


P.s. Join us Thursdays as we fast and pray for our nation and for God’s will in each of our lives.


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