We are Christian Conservatives and we believe in being active in politics. For a Christian to abdicate their civic responsibility is unwise and short sighted. Our politicians affect the freedoms of the church and the future of our country. We can’t just let our voice be silenced by other’s who do not honor God and His law in our land. We strongly encourage Christians to study what’s going on in their city and country, to vote, to educate themselves on history, our American founding documents, to study government types around the world that do and don’t work, and to know what they believe and study how to vote. 


We have written 2 songs for politicians we could support. In 2012 we wrote “Game On” for Rick Santorum which shot up to 1 million views. In 2020 we released “Keep America Great” in support of President Trump which reached 33 million views across social media. 



We are Christians before anything else. We aim to live our lives to please God above all and believe that if we will honor God as individuals and as a nation, He will answer and provide, heal and restore. We strongly encourage daily time with the Lord, praying and fasting regularly to get your heart right before the Lord, and spending time in the house of God. 


We wrote this song “If My People” out of the Bible filled with scripture and promises from the Lord and it will be on our 2nd Christian album we’re looking forward to recording!  



This is our unreleased song we wrote called “March for Life”. We watched the movie “Unplanned” and Camille said to herself, what am I doing to end abortion? Shortly after, we finished this song we had started years earlier. We pray it takes root in people’s hearts and emboldens them to be part of the solution as well. 

As Christians we believe in the sacredness of life from the womb to the tomb. No innocent person deserves the death penalty. We are committed to the cause of life. 


We promote “Live Action” and encourage you to partner in giving with their ministry to end abortion, starting in America. They are the largest Pro-Life organization in America with 5 million followers across social media networks including Tiktok, Instagram & YouTube. Their YouTube videos are so well made and very educational. 


This was filmed near Mount Vernon, Ohio where we have regularly traveled and sang. It’s a high place for human trafficking and we were flown out to narrate a documentary on human trafficking by Steve Feazel. This song was filmed and added to the film. 

We can’t imagine the horror of being trapped in a life of human trafficking, whether that’s through sex-trafficking or forced labor, but we wrote this song in response to the issue that is now in high awareness in the world. If you know anyone who would like to play this song at their event, send it to them. Our goal was to write a song that would help raise awareness and help raise funds to stop this grave human injustice which is now so common in our world.


We have yet to write a song on purity, but do know that it’s coming! We can’t not write songs about things we’re passionate about. From a young age our father taught us about the value of sexual purity and the reasons it just makes sense to save yourself for marriage. When you honor God and value yourself in this way you end up weeding out the wrong kind of people in your life who don’t intend to commit to you, you avoid STD’s, and you don’t have to worry about the guilt and felt separation from God that comes when we break His law intentionally. The sexual revolution has led to immorality, unfaithfulness, needless broken hearts and abortion. We’ve made the commitment to be sexually pure until marriage and also advocate for modesty. The way you dress can distract or further the message you’re wanting to tell and says a lot about the respect you have for yourself and God.