8LR_2657 square live gigs


Camille & Haley Harris are two talented sisters from Tulsa who excel at writing & performing their own music. They are equally at home in a church sanctuary singing their Christian music or on a community stage performing their contemporary country songs. In both styles of music, their faith and wholesome character comes through & their fun loving nature and charming personalities are the real deal both on & off the stage.


Fairs, Festivals, Schools, Churches, Concert Halls, Youth Centers, Opening for other bands, etc. 
Camille & Haley tailor their concerts to each crowd as they have 5 albums of songs written to every age group. They also may include some of their favorite cover songs to the set.
The duo plays guitar and ukulele along to their soundtracks or play acoustically.
Sound system provided when needed.


Worship Leading, Offertories, Original Christian Concerts, Church & Community Outreaches, etc.
Camille & Haley sing from their original album “Well Done” & lead worship with classic and contemporary worship music.
Some churches have had Camille & Haley sing a mix of their country, cover songs and Christian music for community outreach events. Everything they sing is family friendly. 
Their goal is to inspire every age of people through their music & speaking to love God & become bold witnesses of Christ.
Sound system provided when needed.


Company Parties, Patriotic Events, Christmas Parties, Charity Events, Fundraisers, Golf Courses, Nursing Homes, Restaurants, Weddings, Funerals, Birthday Parties, Parades, The National Anthem, etc.   
They sing from a list of 200+ cover songs (popular songs) from artist like Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, John Denver, Frank Sinatra, The Beatles, The Everly Brothers, Taylor Swift, Ingrid Michaelson, Disney, etc.
Instruments they play: guitar, ukulele, box drum (cajon), bass & shaker along with some of their favorite karaoke tracks.
Sound system provided when needed.